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About The Site

At, WE LOVE RUNNING IN UTAH... let us explain:

WE is a community. It's not about I, or you or me, but WE. We run for many reasons - fitness, get a new PR, lose some weight, accomplish a goal, mark off a list. No matter the reason, we run. That's what ties our community together, we coach runners, we work with runners, we are runners. Whatever your role may be, we want to provide you with the resources you need to be a better runner, a better coach, a better race director. May you never go for a jog again... go run. Enter your information at the right to join our community.

LOVE is about passion and a love for the sport. Running has changed our lives and we have grown to love running more and more over the years. We want others to have the same opportunities for personal growth as a result of pushing yourself in a way which only runners can. We truly believe that running will change your life and the life of those you love. Let's get more people involved and encourage each other to live healthier lifestyles. Tell your friends about all the reasons you love running. Become our fan.

RUNNING aims to be the ultimate on-line resource for runners in Utah. We've got big ideas for resources and tools to help us all become better runners. To help us get started with this endeavor we have put together a team of experts who know about running. These individuals share our passion and they're a whole lot smarter than we are. Plan on coming back to to get your questions answered. We'll aim to address everything from, "What should I eat before a race?" to "How can I more effectively periodize my training?". Go ahead, ask a question.

In Utah

Utah is an incredible place to be a runner. From snow-capped mountains to red rock we've got it all. Whether you are looking to run one of our incredible Utah Marathons or training for your first local 5k, you have a unique opportunity to be a runner in Utah. We expect to provide you the most current, up-to-date listing of all races throughout Utah, which brings us back to "WE". We need you to tell us about races we don't have listed and by "WE", it's back to that community thing again. Don't be afraid to let everyone know about a race in you area - the rest of the community wants to know about it. Add a race.

Our History

It all started one overcast morning in August of 2009. We just got done with a race and were enjoying the post race food when an old acquaintance and his friend approached us and asked us about what race we were thinking about doing next. They had just completed their first 5k and had already begun to catch the running bug. They asked how we knew about races in our area and that was the first of many discussions about on-line resources available to Utah runners. Fast-forward and here we are. Garrett has continued to learn more about running while sharing his web-development and marketing expertise. Scott consistently provides ideas and innovation for what can become. Janae and Ken just can't get enough of We sincerely hope to fuel your passion for running. Feel free to let us know what we can add or take away from the site... or tell us how much you love it and why you want us to leave it just the way you like it. Give us feedback.

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